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There is no aspect of life that can't benefit from injecting it with some tried and true humor; whether it's  your office, your relationships with your children, or your marriage, (which I learned researching and writing my book, "Take My Spouse, Please"), all of these work better when you can bring levity to the table.

I speak at seminars, group meetings and professional conferences around the country introducing the value of laughter and how comedy techniques can be used to improve personal and professional relationship dynamics. Clients as diverse as C-Suite executives, lawyers, doctors and parenting groups have discovered the unique benefits of being able to break tension and earn trust through generating a little laughter in the room.

Depending on your needs, I can devise a one-on-one curriculum, a half-day workshop for a department, or a weekend seminar chock-full of exercises, tips, and specific comedy skills that will positively affect your bottom line. And, we'll have a great time doing it.

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